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Immediately, I got swept by the "rock-n-roll" wave and all the "fun" things that came with it.I eventually ended up doing what felt good including drinking alcohol, using drugs, and sex to fill the void.Then, early this year, they rose against Hinnawi’s successor, Brigadier Abid Shishakli.The Syrian army’s French-supplied Sherman tanks and artillery took a heavy toll of life in undefended Druze villages.Reincarnation is believed to be God's provision for a soul to live many different lives in order to give that soul a fair chance before judgement day.

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I became very interested in the self-help movement. I attended seminars and was eager to hear any wise man that claimed to have the answers to life's questions.I was actually bitter toward God for "causing" such destruction and killing, so I decided to rely on my strength, intelligence, education, etc.I moved to the United States to continue my education.When I mentioned that to one of my Christian friends, my friend encouraged me to go and offered to go with me.In the meeting this man of God asked several questions that got me thinking.

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