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So next time you're on the subway and are too scared to actually approach a Ryan Gosling lookalike, download Happn and pray to the Sex Gods that he has the app, too.

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Just recently, a friend told me that she had a new boyfriend. An hour later I removed the profile because I have no intention of dating anyone. Relationships are hard enough, but to add BPD to the mix is a recipe for disaster.

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Article V of the Agreement declared that the demarcation line was not to be an international border.

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To protect the inexperienced king against his enemies, he induced him in 1209 to marry Constance, the widow of King Emeric of Hungary.

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Typically you may even trade messages with somebody that you believe you could have conversed to in earlier days, nevertheless most likely they will not remember your identity, except if they’ve indulged in a considerable amount of taboo private messaging previously or they may have experienced an exhilarating live chitchat with you.

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