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Until yesterday, I just finish watching the drama straight 3 days (ofcourse exclude time to sleep, eat, work). To point out, first of all, I'm not a kdrama addict.The movie actually not logic at all yet i still love to watch the romance part. So, obviously speaking, I don't have a "bias" actor/actress.

• When complaining about a file, make sure you specify which file host (MU or MF) and which part (Part 01 or Part 02) has the problem. If you want to know the status of the subs, then go and ask the fansubs.i loved the whole thing i never watched a tv show that made me cry and laugh this much and i have watched a lot of tv shows and i am new to watching jdrama and korean drama but this show made me want to explore more of about these type of dramas i hope theres a season 2 I have so many things to say abt this drama and for those who kept on bashing SSK. Do you think they want to act like that if the director wont agree it in the first place ? i didn't understand how she was destined to be his bride (says wiki) and i didn't bother understanding the ending.For goodness sake can you all stop talking bad abt her alrdy. First of all i have to admit that her character is annoying in this drama. I have to agree that they have such a great cinematography. I just dont understand why you all kept on blaming SSK for this. But the hate comment saying her stiff and all is making me sick alrdy. my point is the plot that make this drama annoying. i still love the ost but seriously the drama can do better.The actors all tried their best and put in their best efforts for their representative character so they shouldn't be criticized that harshly.That's all for my opinion, and again, it's just my opinion. For the actors/actresses and the staff members, thank you for showing me a wonderful romantic drama that had a happy ending!

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