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For the Inner Circle, cracking software is a challenge.

For the wannabe underground, collecting it is an obsession.

Schedule your backup - Run your backup automatically at a convenient time, when you're not using your computer. Passwords can be supplied automatically for file server connections.

The nine main warez sites alone account for 30 to 40 percent of the traffic on Usenet, an average of more than 500 Mbytes in downloads every 24 hours, according to Op Net.

Bad news indeed for Phil and his friends, gazing at those endless dollar signs.

Warez world's volumes are impressive, too - a good 65 Mbytes a day of freshly cracked, quality new releases, chopped into disk-sized portions (to make it from one hop to the next without clogging the servers), compressed, and uploaded.

Postings can vary from a few bytes (for a crack) to hundreds of megabytes.

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