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And Pettit said it's nothing like you see in the movies.

"They're hot and uncomfortable, and when you get out of them, you kind of slither out of them like a worm..a slimy creature that just crawled out of a chrysalis," Pettit joked.

oo Voo allows users to communicate through free messaging, voice, and video chat.

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Trainees may take 40 of these rides in a single day. Astronauts need to be able to talk with cosmonauts at the space station and communicate during launch."The grade is determined in accordance with each individual's academic achievements and experience," NASA explains.Full-fledged astronauts can make up to 0,063 per year based on 2017 rates, unless they come in through the military.They got an aerial view of Michigan to Madagascar in 20 minutes. In total, he's lived aboard the International Space Station for more than six months. "I don't like to do anything on orbit I can do on earth.I'll make like three phone calls in a six month period," Pettit said.

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