Vb net tableadapter update not updating database 10 commandments of dating patti stanger

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I've tried running the program, making an edit to an existing record, click the save button then... But as I go deeper and encounter more complex problem, I find it hard to use the wizard because I lack the basic understanding on how it works manually.

Phone Table) Msg Box("Update successful") Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Update failed") End Try End Sub End Class Data is being saved to the dataset, but not the actual database file sitting on my hard drive (in the project folder). Micheal26, I, as a beginner, find wizard very easy to use.

Hi I'm having trouble saving data to a database file. This version is based on MSDN documentation, Saving Data to a Database (Single Table) Public Class frm Main Private Sub Phone Table Binding Navigator Save Item_Click(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles Phone Table Binding Navigator Save Item.

Specifically, saving edits made to records in a data table, via a dataset, using the Update method of a tableadaptermanager.

Cars ); in order to save changes in the dataset to the database, but the changes don't take place in the database.

Text = "" End If Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("error" ex.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Save data back to the database on docs. If you modify that data, it's a good practice to save those changes back to the database.

of the problem I'm having is errors with the primary key.

For some reason it won't let me update all of the column values except for the PK.

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