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The online porn industry has popped up in the news recently for fraud and credit scams. One man I spoke with told me he’d signed up for a 1-week free preview, supplying his credit-card number. They charged me for membership three months in a row.

One porn site operator spoke truthfully about the industry when she said, “Porn comes down to this, we women are exploiting men’s weaknesses. It’s going to be embarrassing to call my credit card company, but I’ve got to do it.” Many victims of these scams simply pay up rather than fess up.

It’s still possible for the online sex surfer to get caught, get taken advantage of, get addicted or get in trouble with the law. What could be more anonymous than viewing pornography on the Internet?

Even the sex surfer who avoids these pitfalls may fail to find what they are looking for. A number of things actually—including physically walking into a sex store on the seedy side of town.

Furthermore, they commonly require a name and email address in exchange for a password.

We’re starting to see, however, that looking for sex online is not without dangers and disappointments.We human beings are too complex for single answers, and our complexity is what makes a book like this a challenge and finally a pleasure to write. You can download only those things that turn you on, rather than buy an entire magazine or video.It is soothing to believe that women are genetically scripted to serve as a stabilising force,' he said.Bergner said Chivers' study also contradicts the idea that all women want to to settle down with one man - and that they will have the best sex with that one man - because of the emotion intimacy their relationship brings.

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