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It can happen with fraternal twins, which come from two eggs; identical twins are the result of one egg which has split.Writing on her Facebook page, Mrs Johnson said: 'Having a child who has got Down's - he's just like me and had not crossed my mind for one second that both my twins would not come home,' she told The Sun.'When I look at them, all I see is two beautiful little boys who adore each other and their family,' she added.

They have also had a child together, called Riley, who is three, and does not have Down's.You are requested to contact your referring clinician for the results in 10 days time unless you have been given any other specific instructions.Workplace Options serves more than 53 million employees in over 78,000 organizations across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.Also pictured, her husband Craig, whom she met after breaking up with her partner during the pregnancy Apart from scans revealing one foetus was smaller than the other, there were no indications of any real concern.But after they were delivered early - at 34 weeks - by emergency C-section at Shrewsbury Hospital, it soon became clear that Jacob (right) had the condition I was stunned...

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