Questions to ask a guy on online dating

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My hunch is that the comments stem from the camaraderie and relief of shopping somewhere that actually caters to them, unlike a lot of other stores that ignore the fact that people come in a range of sizes.

I don’t know that there’s anything she or the store could do to stop that without making customers feel unwelcome; it sounds like it may come with the territory, unfortunately.

I had a work friend leave the company recently and I knew right away what quotes were hers.

Heck, every time we’ve had someone leave the department, I’ve been able to tell what quotes were theirs.

My friend is looking for a job at one particular company.

That means they present pie charts of the reasons why people are leaving and graphs of people’s opinions of upper management. But I do have a problem with their publishing quotes directly from the leaving employees.

They do remove names, but we aren’t that large of a company and people tend to do very specific jobs, so it makes it fairly identifiable.

Here’s a description of how I’ve done it in the past. what would you do differently if you could do it again?

The key, though, is to really probe into whatever answers you receive to the sent-in-advance questions. ) or otherwise you may just end up getting canned answers that won’t be very useful to you.

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