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Aproape ca mi-e rusine sa recunosc ca pana la aceasta varsta nu am citit romanul “De veghe in lanul de secara” („The catcher în the Rye” in original) scris de autorul american J. Romanul il pune in prim-plan pe Holden Caulfield, un adolescent atipic dintr-o familie destul de bogata, devenit de-a lungul timpului imaginea iconica a adolescentului rebel.

Din fericire acum la inceput de 2018 am rezolvat aceasta problema si am bifat pe lista mea de lecturi unul dintre cele mai importante 100 romane in limba engleza publicate din 1923 pana in prezent, precum a fost descris de Times (in anul 2005).

Să nu te duci niciodată la el acasă sau să nu-l chemi la tine!

Întotdeauna, prima întâlnire trebuie să aibă loc într-un loc public (restaurant, cinema, teatru…).

E foarte uşor să te pierzi într-un şuvoi de întrebări, referitoare la ce-I place celuilalt, cum să fii, cum să nu fii, astfel încât să fii plăcută.His physical also noted weight fluctuation probably attributed to increased muscle mass. The Trump White House has not disclosed the names and specialties of the medical professionals who will be evaluating the president, as a number of his predecessors have. Trump was observed to have slurred speech during a December speech acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but it is unclear if a neurologist or speech pathologist will be involved in the physical. Whether or not Reagan showed signs of the disease while in office — and if those symptoms affected his decision-making ability — has become a contentious issue of interest to historians and policymakers. Trump’s former personal physician, wrote in letters during the campaign that Mr. Trump takes a small dose of finasteride, a drug that is marketed as Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness and lowers PSA levels. Trump played sports as a youth but appears to have dropped the habit as an adult. Trump’s sedentary lifestyle may be reflected in the readout.President Bill Clinton’s weight was also noted as fluctuating during his presidency. Obama’s physicals and was part of the medical team involved in at least one of Mr. The responsibility of determining the types of medical tests needed and specialists included in the physical falls to Dr. Doctors are increasingly paying attention to screening for cognitive function in all older people. Trump and his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, were urged to undergo baseline cognitive testing for comparative purposes if symptoms developed during their presidency. Documented substantial weight gain may raise concerns about the state of his heart.“Did the White House always tell us what the doctors found? Trump took a golf cart a short distance while other leaders walked.Fii foarte atentă atunci când te vezi cu cineva pentru prima dată.

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