Guys withbig musles for dating

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By: 55wannabe58 Date: March 28, 2010, PMMuscles make a big difference once you reach a minimum height. Really isn't always only the height, sometimes its how you use it.A woman will pick a 5'11 naturally muscular man over a scrawny 5'11 all things equal... For example in boxing a taller person may choose to use his range to stave off shorter opponents with jabs and straights.Also, a little muscle goes a long way on a short guy because it's all squished together so short guys get a really stalky look very quickly.Tall guys can be twice as strong as the short guy but because their muscles are spead out, they wont look as wide & bulky, thus weight lifting is one of the few sports where short guys can outshine tall guys. Most guys can not get the super big bouncer look no matter how much they work out.

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I don't think height indicates health & nutrition, unless your comparing people in first world countries with people in third world countries.Muscles are of most interest to short guys and gays - no one else, really I disagree a bit.Most guys can not get the super big bouncer look no matter how much they work out.The average woman cares much less about muscles than men think.Women usually care more about being well toned, i.e. As has been pointed out, many male models fit this description, but you won't find many short and muscular male models.

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