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The truth is, if someone wants to see you again, you will definitely know about it, they will contact you again quickly and be very clear about it so why waste time worry about it?I know this now but it did not come easily nor naturally.On both counts, the answer is —and that’s just us being honest.Read on to learn the instances where you should hold your tongue.

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I would avidly read about body language, talk to my friends about it to find out what they thought and trawled the internet but there was only very little available about the feelings I was experiencing or what I should be doing.

As a single person, the real stuff I needed to know and really concentrated on was the attitude I should have towards meeting others, dating and most importantly myself.

This is why I decided to write what I would like others to see as ‘real’ tips as ultimately, it is your attitude that will allow you to meet the person right for you…

Look: everyone does strange things when they’re alone; it’s totally normal.

“If you indulged in some weird behavior while you were alone, such as eating an entire cake while binge-watching bad TV in your underwear, keep that to yourself,” suggests Erica Gordon, a relationship expert and author of the dating book “There are times in both new and long-standing relationships when you may find yourself questioning whether you want the relationship to continue,” says Karol Ward, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist and confidence expert and coach.

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