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“My friends, including my husband, who plays tennis and utilizes Sloan’s Curve, have enjoyed her services and all care deeply for her,” Isaac’s wife, Laura Perlmutter, said in a deposition.

Although Donnelly enjoyed her job, she decided to branch out and get a real estate licence, thereby allegedly offending Monique Matheson, a go-to agent for many residents.

“When you get out of jail—come see me—I will kick your ass.” It was signed, “Harold your worst nightmare Peerenboom.” The letter marked a new variation to a bizarre hate mail campaign against Peerenboom.

Previous batches of letters—mailed to friends, neighbours and colleagues—falsely accused him of being a child molester and an anti-Semite.

It’s the kind of setting that appeals to business moguls and executives approaching (or long past) retirement age.“I wrote the prisoners on your behalf and challenged them to come see you! “No one will be happy until you leave our neighbourhood—until you leave Sloan’s Curve—get out now.” The author included copies of the letters purportedly sent to prisoners, which listed Peerenboom’s address.“Look scumbag, you waste time and space on this earth,” read one.Word spread around Sloan’s Curve of an effort to oust the tennis director.Around 100 people showed up at a meeting to support Donnelly.

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