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And does she even need him now that her professional life is in better shape than Leonard's?

All of those fears and doubts were in the air as the two considered one of the most important decisions of their life together.

He very quickly realized he had been taking Amy for granted all this time.

And luckily, rather than bring the Sheldon/Amy rift to a swift conclusion after an episode or two, it became fodder for an extended storyline that played out over the first half of the season.

Sheldon's whole shtick from the beginning has been playing the obnoxious but lovable know-it-all whom everyone else tolerates despite his selfish behavior.

Amy rejecting Sheldon was exactly the sort of wake-up call he needed.

There were still points during the season where the show addressed some of the lingering issues between the two.

There was the lingering problem of how to convince Sheldon that he couldn't be Leonard's roommate forever, a dilemma which formed the basis of "The 2003 Approximation." There were also occasional flare-ups of drama stemming from Leonard's repressed feelings of inadequacy about Penny becoming more financially successful.

In general, "The Opening Night Excitation" easily ranks as the high point of Season 9.

For the most part, this shift in focus was for the better.

It certainly worked wonders for both Sheldon and Amy.

The Big Bang Theory suddenly became a darker and more drama-fueled show.

"Darker" being a very relative term, of course, but the tonal shift was very apparent in the premiere and long afterward.

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