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The only characters retained in both pilots were Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), who are named after Sheldon Leonard, a longtime figure in episodic television as producer, director and actor.Althea (Vernee Watson) was a character featured in both pilots and the first series episode.With that in mind, I humbly offer a simple guideline to evaluate the efficacy of any tribe you might encounter on your path to becoming a spiritual warrior: if they ask for your money or access to your crotch, run away.

By coincidence, Robertson had recently read Simon Singh's book Big Bang, Lorre and Prady phoned him shortly thereafter and asked him to write the theme song.

Will Leonard enjoy his first birthday party after all this difficult effort?

When Howard comes to take Leonard out so Raj can set up for the party, Leonard is seen playing his Xbox 360 but as you can see there is only one connection coming out of the machine.

There is no power cord on the Xbox only the audio/video cord.

See more » CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #210 I believe that in order to walk through grief, fear, loneliness, despair, confusion and anger without recourse to drugs, alcohol, over-eating, over-sexing, or the endless mind-numbing distractions provided by Western culture, one must become a spiritual warrior.

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