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At the core of the case is whether courts can establish a sensible, workable standard of criminal liability.

Without section 230 protection, or something like it, publishers would be liable for everything.

Backpage's two controlling shareholders have also been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit pimping, according to California’s State attorney general Kamala D Harris.

Prostitution is illegal in almost all US jurisdictions.

Requests by parents to remove listings are ignored.® * The case filed in Massachusetts was (14-13870-RGS): “JANE DOE NO.1, a minor child, by her parent and next friend MARY ROE; JANE DOE NO. 3, a minor child, by her parents and next friends SAM LOE AND SARA LOE vs BACKPAGE.But until the law is changed, the court argued, it could do nothing.The “broad construction accorded to section 230 as a whole has resulted in a capacious conception of what it means to treat a website operator as the publisher or speaker of information provided by a third party,” Judge Selya noted.

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