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The mandarin orange and musk then settle in giving this scent a warm masculine touch and an added depth.As M7 evolves the oud is never buried under other notes, it is more or less enhanced by the other notes, allowing the oud to show it's full range (the oud is able to release its' dirty and slightly skanky side in a great way! The separation of notes in this composition is very clear and attests to the quality of this scent.If I wouldn’t have to shower- I would not know if it ever ends. You can’t do anything with cheap synthetics in here. And I know someone who agrees that I am beautiful ;) in such times LOL. @The lorax many thanks for the clarification and a great review for a fantastic fragrance. Sorry Freedom Lover, but I have tested myself, and checked with a friend who is an expert. :0 Both of us have oils from all over the Oud regions, esp him, jeebis he has a lot. I will part with 100mls, but only in trade for, Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentrate. :) Obsession For Men, Fahrenheit, Egoiste, and MF'n, Vintage M7. M7 was one of those game changers not only for perfumery but also for myself and my personal tastes in perfume.Well, they reused the name for the new line, but they can’t just put out same bottle cause they can’t come close to what aroma it was. I've got some oud oils i purchased from ensar oud they're unbelievable strong to strong for me I'll contact you regarding mixing some vintage M7 into them need your oud expert friends advice. This guy actually has chunks of oud lying around in his house, and more than one kind. If it had real oud, it would leave an oily base on your skin that would stay for quite a awhile. Beyond that all I can say is that everything that has been said in a positive fashion is correct. Not really mentioned by others, but I really pick up the rosemary in this. Those are the men's fragrence names that will ring out forever, and are from a time that is no more. M7 represented linking the exotic with the classic and romantic and doing so effortlessly and beautifully.

The perfume closes with a soft ambergris trail and musky notes. Don’t you have enough fame and respect” - on which Saint-Laurent replied- “true perfumes are made to be warn on our skin, be part of us.. Also hold in mind who was the executive person to create this treasure- Tom Ford (think of all his mind set and further campaigns).I can't describe what this note contributes in words, but is just wonderful. This trio smolders in the opening, the effect is smoky, sensual and very enticing, M7 then freshens up a bit with some rosemary.Think of a deep dark, but yet not sharp piney smell. This herbal injection prolongs this beautiful amber and oud combo.This magnificent fragrance is very similar vibe to mancera sand aoud.i was very suprised nobody else has picked up on the similarities.The vintage M7 is without a doubt smoother and more intense.

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